“The compositions of Tovte are surprisingly unspent Klezmer […]. Thus the music of Tovte is lively, emotional, and infectious.”
Jury Creole NRW 2019

After theory lessons and vocal instruction at the conservatory five students take their instruments, sit in the pedestrian zone and just let loose: Klezmer melodies, tango rhythms, gypsy jazz, free improvisations … why not street instead of chamber music? As soon as they start they are invited to play at a Jewish wedding. This is somewhat like the story of how the young Klezmer quintet Tovte was created. That was in 2012. Since then the five musicians have been caught by the performance bug, enjoy their appearances at street music festivals, in clubs and in concert halls, at home concerts and at parties.


At the same time the five members of the ensemble never lose sight of their conservatory training: Everyone specializes in their area and gains experience. The clarinetist establishes an ensemble for contemporary music and plays at the opera house; the violinist participates in master classes, wins competitions and is concert master for an orchestra; the other violinist is a studio musician for pop productions and gains musical experience in India; the guitarist composes music for the stage and calls the stage home as an actor; the bass player is music director for theatre productions and member of different bands.
The musical diversity and the different experiences influence the collaborative work of the quintet. Tovte’s performances crackle with exuberance – and the audience is quickly electrified. Klezmer sounds that borrow from tango and gypsy jazz, played virtuosically, sometimes soft and urgent, other times with a dash of humor.

(Programmheft Creole NRW/Tom Daun)



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